Reduce fraud and increase customer satisfaction with virtual payments.

Fraudulent claims, slow resolution, and waiting for payment can drive up costs and frustrate customers. WEX Insurance Payments are a more secure way to pay preferred and out-of-network suppliers, which can save money and preserve customer loyalty.

Take advantage of WEX Insurance Payments to reduce costly payments by check. After reaching a claim settlement, simply click a button to create a unique virtual account for each claim payment. WEX Insurance Payments allows for set purchase limits for exact payment amounts, increasing security.

  • Pay and close claims faster
  • Lower your average payment servicing time
  • Reduce incidences of payment fraud and disputes
  • Automatically reconcile payments so you can redeploy resources to more strategic matters

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WEX Virtual Payment Solutions for media agencies - How it works

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Virtual education payment solutions

WEX virtual payment solutions can help save money, and even get cash back, when you pay suppliers. And our precise management and reporting solutions will free you to focus on your most critical mission – delivering quality education.

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WEX virtual payment for media

WEX virtual payment solutions seamlessly interface with many of the widely used media platforms, allowing for improved operational efficiencies, and real-time payment processing.

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