WEX media brings faster payment, improved reconciliation data and more.

With WEX virtual payment solutions for media, agencies and brands can:

  • Increase revenue through rebates on payments
  • Offset services costs
  • Improve operational efficiencies

WEX virtual payment solutions seamlessly interface with many of the widely used media platforms, allowing for real-time payment processing. Vendors are paid quickly and securely while detailed transaction data is returned for easier reconciliation.

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Virtual education payment solutions

WEX virtual payment solutions can help save money, and even get cash back, when you pay suppliers. And our precise management and reporting solutions will free you to focus on your most critical mission – delivering quality education

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WEX virtual insurance payment solutions

WEX virtual payment solutions are a more secure way to pay preferred and out-of-network suppliers, which can save you money and preserve customer loyalty.

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WEX travel payment solutions

Drive down costs and increase productivity across the travel spectrum. Streamline and automate even the most complex payment scenarios.

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